1. Malls
    I'm not sure if it's one big mall or multiple malls, but all I do is shop. Literally nothing else but shopping. Sometimes I go into the same store and they have different clothing. Analysis: I'm materialistic.
  2. Museums
    Yet I never do museum activities in museums! In one dream I got caught stealing something from a locker and in two others I listened to Aziz Ansari give a talk on race relations. Analysis: I'm not good at doing things I'm supposed to be doing.
  3. Bathrooms
    I could write a whole other list about my weird relationship with bathrooms. Most of these dreams are nightmares. Analysis: no idea what's going on here.
  4. School
    I'm a year out of high school and I'm still dreaming about that hellhole. I'm still dreaming about my middle school even. I'm almost always in the lunchroom, usually getting food. Analysis: school stresses me out and I bury my emotions by eating.
  5. Our restaurant
    Always working. Nothing else. Just being a waitress and doing waitress things in my dreams. I don't even serve interesting people- they're all strangers. Analysis: I'm doomed to be a waitress forever, in waking life and dream life. Maybe it's my calling? Maybe it's my curse? Am I actually so boring that I regularly dream about my part time job?