Just doing you a favor.
  1. What are you? Where were you born?
    Unless our conversation is currently about where we grew up or our family lineage, you don't need to ask this. It'll come up naturally at some point, but until then we can still talk like normal people. Also, asking "what" are you carries a connotation that you're not even sure if we're human, so don't do that.
  2. Do you (or your people) really eat cats? Dogs?
    The answer is most likely no. Guys, you can't just walk into any restaurant in China or the Philippines or wherever and expect to see deep fried cat on the menu. The only people who do are pretty much just the traditional types in the deep country. And they're not chopping up their pets either- usually they breed and raise cats and dogs like any other farm animal.
  3. How are Asians just naturally smart?
    That's not a thing. What is a thing are cultures that highly value formal education. Even then, there are plenty of people, Asians included, who don't give a hoot about school.
  4. So you're into math or science, right?
    It turns out people can have a variety of interests!
  5. So you speak (Asian language), right?
    Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe just a little. Maybe Spanish or French or Russian or Klingon.
  6. Why are you such bad drivers? Is it because your eyes are so tiny?
    Where did this stereotype even come from? Have you seen how people drive in Asia? It's insane, yet the majority of them manage to avoid accidents on a daily basis. Plenty of Asians are probably better drivers than those guys on Ice Road Truckers.
  7. Why are Asians so ugly?
    This one is usually aimed at guys, but I've heard it said about Asian women too. First of all, we're not ugly. We have great cheekbones. Second of all, who are you to claim an entire race of people is unattractive?
  8. Are Asian girls really that great in bed?
    People who are great in bed are great in bed.
  9. Who would ever want to date an Asian guy?
    People who don't assume Asian men are weak or nerdy or awkward all the time.
  10. Why do all Asian people know each other?
    Just like any other person of any other race, we tend to gravitate toward people we share things in common with. So don't think it's odd when I'm hanging out with three Asian friends when you're with your ten fellow white friends.
  11. Why do all Asians look alike?
    Ok sure, the majority of us have dark hair and brown eyes, but you can also look at our faces too, did you know that?
  12. Why don't you wear shoes in the house?
    BECAUSE WHY WOULD YOU? Shoes are worn outside. The ground outside is covered in shit. If you continue to wear your shoes inside, then the floor in your house will be covered in shit as well. Just take them off, please.