1. Extremely successful blogger
    I mostly post about the expensive, trendy outfits I'm wearing and the expensive, trendy restaurants I'm eating at and the expensive, trendy decor I bought for my expensive, trendy condo located in whatever neighborhood of NYC is newly gentrified. Nobody's really sure what I do all day because, the secret is, I don't do anything.
  2. Mysterious poet
    Paris in the 60's. By day I lounge in my small but tasteful apartment writing progressive poems that college students will analyze for decades to come. By night I hang around smoky, badly lit bars and seduce beautiful men. I start writing a novel but never finish it as my life is cut too short in a freak elevator accident.
  3. Madame of an ethical brothel
    A shining beacon of empowerment in the dirty slums of Victorian era London, I only recruit girls (never too young) who know what they're doing And what they're getting into. I call them my daughters and treat them as such: regular check ups at a doctor, a livable wage, hot meals, clean beds, and if I ever hear of a client overstepping his bounds, I'll personally whoop his ass.
  4. Famous, feared journalist
    Truth and I go hand in hand. I weed out the stories that go unheard- the corruption, the suffering, the evil doing. No one can escape my pen and notepad. I could take down kings...if I felt like it.
  5. Well-fed hobo in the woods
    I live deep in the mountains of Montana, totally off the grid. My home is in the hollow of a giant oak tree- simple and small but cozy enough for winter. I spend most of the day hunting, tending my little garden and just enjoying the peace and quiet.