1. Luzon bleeding heart
    This bird isn't injured it just looks like that. So hardcore
  2. Secretarybird
    Basically a dinosaur
  3. Greater sage-grouse
    Thanks to evolution for giving us this
  4. Smew
  5. Bowerbird
    Straight up interior designers
  6. Weaverbird
    And then these guys make a house out of freakin GRASS like how do they even know how to do that
  7. Adélie penguin
    I just think they're pretty
  8. Cuban tody
    This picture isn't enhanced or anything they're actually that many colors
  9. Mourning dove
    Their call is so nice and soft and they look like they're wearing blue eyeliner
  10. Killdeer
    If a predator is approaching their nest the parents will walk around pretending to have a broken wing to distract it from their babies and if you don't think that's the raddest shit you can get out of my face
  11. King of saxon
    It has antennas