1. "Winda"
    "Get away from the winda- the tornado's commin'!"
  2. "I'll tan your hide"/ "I'll whoop your ass"
    "Cuss like that at the dinner table again and I'll whoop your ass."
  3. "Nekkid"
    "Why are the kids runnin' round the yard nekkid?"
  4. "Praise the Lord"
    "Praise the Lord! My baby's back from the war!"
  5. "Sweet Jesus"
    "Oh sweet Jesus, somebody hold me back before I whoop his ass."
  6. "Y'all"
    "Y'all, you wouldn't believe what Doreen told me at church yesterday."
  7. "Boy"
    "Boy, you'd better watch your mouth."
  8. "Girl"
    "Girl, what do you think you're doing?"
  9. "Yeller"
    "White cornbread or yeller cornbread?"
  10. "Fixin'"
    "I'm fixin' to whoop your ass."
  11. "Ain't"
    "That ain't right."
  12. "Restrunt"
    "That restrunt is too expensive. Let's just get some McDonald's."
  13. "Where you at?"
    "Where you at so I can come over there an' whoop your ass."
  14. "Bless his/her heart"
    "Really? She ran off with him? She's so young- hasn't even graduated yet! Bless her heart, all the women in that family are so flighty."