1. Party for like two weeks, technically
    The festival lasts for 15 days, but idk about all that bc I'm too American. I do know that the last day is the Lantern Festival, which is exactly what it sounds like and it's SUPER PRETTY
  2. Put red shit everywhere
    Red is THE luckiest color in China and idk why. I think it has something to do with an evil dragon who's really scared of the color red but how tough of a dragon could he be if he's scared off by strings of plastic red peppers?
  3. Wear new clothes so ghosts don't recognize you
    Or to just symbolize the new year. And put on RED. AS MUCH RED AS POSSIBLE
  4. Give kids money bc why not
    Red packet money is supposed to bring good luck and it's the RADDEST SHIT when you're a Chinese kid like relatives you haven't seen in years just giving you 20 bucks it's so great
  6. This is the lion dance
    That's not a dragon
  7. This is the dragon dance
    That is a dragon
  8. ***IDK WHY WE HAVE TWO***
  9. Clean your house, which you had to do anyway bc your relatives are coming over
    Gotta sweep away last year's bad luck to make room for the good luck bc luck takes up physical space in your house yo!!!
  10. Play with firecrackers even tho it's kinda dangerous
    Bc it'll scare off the evil dragons/ghosts/demons who're apparently frightened by loud noises
  11. Or light up some fireworks BC WE INVENTED THOSE Y'ALL
  12. FOOD
    The words for "fish" and for "plenty" sound the same so you're supposed to eat fish to get plenty of stuff in the new year. You're basically eating a pun HOW COOL IS THAT??? A lot of other dishes have some symbolism behind them but I only know that fish one for some reason and my mommy's cooking dinner right now GET EXCITED PICS WILL COME LATER