I've Never Seen Star Wars so Here's Everything I Know About Star Wars (I Think)

  1. This is Luke
    I think he's the protagonist most of the time?
  2. This is lil baby Luke
    He's an orphan and he used to live in a desert.
  3. This is C3PO
    Not sure what he does.
  4. This is R2D2
    What a cutie.
  5. This is Chewbacka
    Did I spell that right?
  6. This is Ewan McGregor
    Don't know what he does either.
  7. This is Yoda
    He has an odd concept of syntax.
  8. This is Jar Jar Binks
    I don't like looking at him.
  9. This is Princess Leia
    Sometimes she looks like Natalie Portman.
  10. This is Princess Leia...as a slave?
    People really seem to enjoy that outfit.
  11. This is Hans Solo
    He's like a rogue or vigilante or something?
  12. This is Darth Vader
    Overly dramatic.
  13. This is the death star
    A big hunk of metal in space that a bunch of people live in.
  14. This is a lightsaber
    They come in lots of fun colors!
  15. This is a stormtrooper
    People got upset when one of them turned out to be black.
  16. Speaking of which, this is Finn
    I love John Boyega.
  17. This is Poe
    And I LOVE Oscar Isaac.
  18. This is Rey
    I'm stealing that hairstyle.
  19. This is BB8
    Everything seems to point to BB8 as being the adorable spawn of R2D2 but robots don't make babies right?
  20. Some people are "Jedis" or "Jedi Knights"
    Searching an image for Jedis reminded me of all these other characters I've seen and can't name.
  21. Luke and Leia made out and then discovered they were siblings
    I'd really like to know how that got resolved.
  22. Vader is Luke's dad
    Then somebody's arm got cut off?
  23. These two are just friends but people REALLY want them to be more
    I'm not even invested in their story but hell yeah.