Also the first dream I can vividly remember, probably around age five.
  1. I was standing in the kitchen and looking into the adjacent living room where the tv was facing me.
  2. It was showing some generic news channel with some normal white guy with a microphone standing outside in a typical suburban neighborhood.
  3. Carrying a bunch of groceries, my mom came into the kitchen from the garage. She set them down on the island counter behind me and started sorting through them.
  4. The reporter was talking about how people's clothes were coming alive and killing them.
  5. The camera, dramatically shaky, then moved over to a t-shirt and a pair of jeans just kinda...walking around.
    It looked like an invisible person wearing visible clothing but also if that person was 2D, just completely flat.
  6. The reporter mentioned the only way you can stop the clothes- shoot 'em up with guns.
  7. They then switched to a picture of once living clothes lying on the ground, riddled with bullet holes.
    There might have been blood?
  8. Then back to the reporter, who had one last thing to say: "There is one item you have to have in your house that will cause your clothing to come alive."
  9. ...
  10. ....
  11. .....
  12. "Bagels."
  13. This made perfect sense. I also didn't question how clothing could actually murder people- I just went straight into full on panic mode.
  14. I spun around to ask my mom if there were any bagels in the house, and what did she have right there on the counter, sitting innocuously with the rest of the groceries?
  15. A fresh pack of bagels.
  16. I ran to her, clutching her leg and screaming for her to get rid of the bagels and look at the tv.
  17. But she acted like I wasn't there, a blank expression on her face.
  18. And I woke up.
  19. Weird right? I swear I've never had a traumatic experience with bagels.
  20. But I also don't like bagels that much.
  21. Also, look at what I found when I searched "evil bagel."