It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud. I don't find my dad funny. My world is falling apart.
  1. My parents are selling their two old rice cookers at their restaurant for five dollars apiece.
  2. When I saw them by the cash register, I told them five dollars is too little. They could easily sell them for 15, maybe 20.
  3. We argue until my parents reassure me that someone would buy them and they don't care if they only net ten dollars.
  4. My mom mentions that they could give me one for college if no one buys them.
  5. I'm currently waiting on a transfer application decision from a school in New York (and, honestly, their admission rate is pretty high), so I'd have to move away from home and my own rice cooker would be nice to have.
  6. My dad says no, we have a mini rice cooker at home that we can give her.
  7. We keep taking about rice cookers, mostly the mini one, and the possibility of me moving to New York.
  8. My parents are somewhat against the idea of me moving, but if I did, they want me to be as well prepared as possible (i.e. rice cooker).
  9. And then.
  10. My dad.
  11. My FATHER.
  12. Turns to me and says...
  13. "Now you have to go to New York so that you can take the rice cooker!"
  15. It's not even that good of a joke right?
  16. But it's silly and cute and it made me FUCKIN GIGGLE
  17. So my dad thinks that I think he's funny.
  18. What am I supposed to do now?