1. Everyone in China
    They've got their own things to deal with.
  2. My cousin Claire
    From China, but staying with us for at least the next six months. Still preoccupied with American food.
  3. Me
    I guess I could sum up my current state as "bewildered"?
  4. My sister Candace
    Lives on the West Coast but going to take a few vacation days just to join us in New York! Probably doesn't trust my parents to navigate me anywhere better than I could myself.
  5. Mommy
    Mostly just trying to understand financial aid and how I'm going to pack all my "makeup and stuff." Thinks I'll die.
  6. Daddy
    Throughout the day, for the past few weeks, my dad randomly drops some knowledge as if he's been a native New Yorker his whole life and didn't just google "how do I keep my daughter from dying in New York?" We've discussed metro cards, neighborhoods to avoid, cheap places for groceries and that bad people who want to do bad things to me are around every corner. Still wants me to find a husband before I graduate.