1. She just showed me the Christmas photo we took a couple days ago on her phone.
    If you zoom in as close as possible and stare directly at my boobs, you can kinda tell I'm not wearing a bra.
  2. About a week earlier she asked why she hasn't seen my bras in the laundry for weeks and I told her it's because I'm only wearing them when I have to.
    "Have to" meaning my shirt isn't bulky or loose enough to hide my pretty brown nips.
  3. I don't have an agenda or anything, this is purely out of laziness, but my mom is really not cool with it.
  4. She keeps saying it's not right, especially for a young girl, and I'm like ???
  5. I thought at first she was worried about them sagging but there's lots of evidence that shows bras make your boobs droop even faster.
    There's also evidence that says the opposite so idk what to do with that information. Also my tits are so perky on their own, I couldn't even pass the pencil test so no need to worry about that now.
  6. But just now she mentioned that boobs don't look right without a bra.
    Bc the boobs go like 🌕<---->🌕 instead of -->🌕🌕<--
  7. If we're just talking aesthetics, then that's just a personal preference.
  8. But I think this might also have something to do with sexuality or maturity and that basically I shouldn't present myself to the world in that way because I'm a good girl (which I am).
  9. Either way, she'll probably just gently nag me a couple more times and then never mention it again so we're cool.
  10. But there's a part of me that would also like to be done with bras. Period.
  11. The only reason I wear them is so that my nips don't attract more attention than my face.
  12. And I've been liking the braless look more and more.
    Plus it would be SO much easier to wear SO many more cute tops without them.
  13. But how do I go completely braless and still have people talk to me like a normal person when I'm wearing a sheer white top?
  14. I'm sure family and friends could more or less get over it, but randos?
  15. Basically I'm asking how to defeat the patriarchy