From what my friends have said, most of you probably thought it was a dead cat.
  1. The photo in question
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  2. But it's not a dead cat! It's Setsu-chan, voted "the cat with the ugliest sleeping face in Japan"
    Kind of specific, I know.
  3. Here's the little guy awake and adorable
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  4. And here he is asleep
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  5. Yup
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  6. Basically
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  7. How
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  8. I
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  9. Feel
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  10. 24
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  11. 7
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  12. This too
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  13. I hope everyone else can love Setsu-chan as much as I do, but I realized that his sleeping face might be a little off putting for a profile pic.
    You'll just have to deal with my gorgeous face instead 😘
  14. My new pic also features Richard, the love of my life
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    I adopted him a few months ago and it's been going really great.