I'm transferring colleges to The New School! But I'm from the suburbs, how do I live in the city?! I'm from the south, how do I deal with snow and rude people?! I'm broke af, how do I save money?! I don't know anyone, how do I make friends?! I've never left my parents' house, how do I be a person?! If I see someone famous do I bother them or not?!
  1. help
  2. @JennyJLee is moving to NYC too... so you both should become BFF et voila !
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  4. The New School is awesome. You will make a ton of friends with students from there and NYU. You'll be fine 👍🏻
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  5. You got this! My dads in the military so we move a lot I lived there before its a nice place
    Good tip: if you ever go on a ferry then get the little cookie bite thingys they're so good lol
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  6. I live in NYC and actually went to Parsons. If you need anything let me know!
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  7. Omg just saw this now! Hit me up if you need apartment/housing advice! Or a friend! Or recommendations on where to drink & eat! If you smoke (don't do it bby) they're twice as expensive here and you have to be 21! Snow sucks but get a toasty coat! People aren't as rude as you expect! Invest in skincare the city dirt is so real!
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