After two days of thorough searching, we decided my old phone was lost to the aether forever. So now I have my mom's phone with which she took many pictures of food and some other things. My dad also put in around 1000 (literally) old family photos, of which I've curated some favorites.
  1. Me, obviously
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  2. Was and always will be a sloppy eater
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  3. ???
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  4. Me on a slide somewhere in Tennessee with a very tired person
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  5. This is my grandparents with a very nice old man we met on the subway in NYC. I think he said he was 97 or 98, and he seemed extremely healthy and capable of himself and just a super great person. Also a good foil to the other old man we met on the subway who called my dad a chink.
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  6. Me dressed as the cat in the hat for some reason
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  7. Dad straight ballin
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  8. These photos were probably for our relatives in China to see our new house in Tennessee but I still can't fathom the squatting
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  9. Hahahaha
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  10. One of the pretty sandhill cranes that visited our backyard in Florida. They only came because we fed them WAY too much bread. I found out that's actually illegal in Florida now, since they started attacking children.
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  11. Mom and me being adorably dorky in China
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  12. Dad displaying his patriotism
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