1. A few hours ago I could hear a clip clop sound from my bedroom that faces the street
  2. I thought huh that sounds like a horse
  3. But that can't be bc this is a suburban neighborhood with no fields or stables around like there's a super target right next to us
  4. So I didn't bother to look out the window assuming it was a bunch of people jogging with noisy shoes
  5. But I just heard it again
  6. It's too dark now to see it clearly but that was most definitely a horse
  7. It was also too dark for me to see if there's anyone riding it so there might be a loose horse trotting around my nwighborhood
  8. I think that might be the case bc it's been hours since I first heard it and it's too dark and cold to just take your horse out for a spin and also THIS ISNT THE COUNTRY
  9. But I think a concerned soccer mom would've also called someone by now but maybe they're too busy nursing their hangovers
  10. Should I go outside and wait for it and develop an intense everlasting friendship?