1. Finish this fucking tapestry I decided to make on a whim even though I DONT HAVE TIME TO MAKE A FUCKIN TAPESTRY
  2. Continue trying to shove everything I'll need in my dorm in one checked suitcase, two carry ons and three backpacks
  3. Clean out and box up everything I own so my parents don't accidently throw away something important or sentimental to me when they move out of their house
  4. Eat breakfast at IHOP with my friend Danielle ✔
    Been craving waffles for a week
  5. Figure out why I've been gagging after every meal
    Including those waffles
  6. Work one last shift at the restaurant
  7. Prepare for a job interview at another restaurant
  8. Shower, wash my hair, exfoliate and shave
  9. Worry about money
  10. Panic over newfound independence and responsibilities
  11. Freak out
  12. Sleep