Things I used to play with that were not children's toys

  1. This lamp
    Idk I liked the details
  2. Plants
    I pretended that they were sentient and had personalities and everything. These two didn't like each other very much
  3. This greyhound statue
    I would stand behind it, grab the ears and pretend I was riding a motorcycle. You can see the part of the ear my poor father had to fix.
  4. Mahjong tiles
    My Legos
  5. These fridge magnets
    The little fish tank used to be filled with water but it's all dried up now. Not sure what I did with the note clip
  6. Tassels
    You know how if you flip it upside down it looks like a lady with pretty hair? I couldn't actually find any tassels in our house to take a pic of, probably bc my parents were tired of me giving the blankets haircuts
  7. Anyway I'm feeling sentimental bc I'm about to move away in exactly one week AND my parents sold the house and have already packed away most of this stuff and feelings feelings feelings oh feelings feelings feelings I'm having too many feelings! Things are changing I'm entering a new phase of my life but id much rather stay in this one please!!!!