Lol I don't deserve to be missed lololol
  1. Yo I'm a mess
  2. School's keeping me reeeaaaaal busy
    Also other things but mostly school bc it's always about school w me
  3. But part of the reason why I'm busy is bc I can't get my act together and practice good time management skills like a normal, functioning, successful person and it's making me v angry at myself
  4. I had an essay due for world lit and I wrote the whole thing at my campus library four hours before class
    Comparing the flood stories from The Epic of Gilgamesh, Genesis and Metamorphoses
  5. I thought it was shit (I didn't even read Gilgamesh for class and we're not even covering Ovid) but she still gave me an A lol
  6. And I think that gave me the confidence to try to write an entire research paper in a day on how sex crime is portrayed in print media which resulted in a v v stressful and upsetting Sunday
  7. Also I've been putting off looking for internships for about a month and that's come back to bite me in the ass right now
  8. And I lost my third hubcap today, after I had a discussion w my dad yesterday on where my second hubcap went
    I know where I lost it this morning but I was in a hurry and I forgot to stop for it on the way back from campus soooooo goodbye third hubcap
  9. I don't know what it is about college but I wasn't like this in high school
  10. I used to be a good girl who wrote things in a planner
  11. And I still write things in a planner but now I don't even look at it
    Which makes me a bad girl obviously
  12. So idk what's going on w me, but I definitely miss list app! And I'll do that other list request right now! Promise!
  13. Good news is I think I've turned into such a train wreck that I'm scaring myself enough to try to be uhhhh happy again?
  14. I'm making an effort now to get on a proper sleep schedule and eat right and (maybe) exercise and actually look at my planner
  15. I also just got these pants on sale from Loft and they're soft and great
  16. Honestly I think I turned around after seeing the Beyoncé park video so thanks bey
    Idk why I'm finding it so motivational but if it works it works