1. Go on Pinterest and find some awesome DIY manicure.
  2. Cut, file and buffer your nails
  3. Apply base coat
  4. Apply the colour you desire
  5. Apply another coat right away
  6. Realize you should have waited because it looks blotchy
  7. Cover up the blotches with an accent colour
  8. Pray that once you put on the top coat it will magically fix everything
  9. Realize you really have to go pee really bad
  10. Attempt to manoeuvre your pants off in a wiggly fashion to keep your nails intact
  11. Finish up and attempt to pull your pants up
  12. Look at your hands and realize you have totally destroyed your nail art
  13. Cry to on the phone with the salon down the street as you book an emergency appointment
  14. Never try that again