1. The Super Bowl (1998)
    It was the murder of a boy, a small boy. The monster ADRIENNE MONK refused to look away from his beloved blockbuster commercials for even a single second to help bring a bloodthirsty sex criminal to justice.
  2. The Super Bowl (2003)
    Having received direct orders from crime fighter ADRIENNE MONK ("the shrill") not to release him from his commercial viewing prison under any circumstance, the blonde woman informed the captain that the daughter of president would remain missing until "the hoisting of the glass obelisk signals the end of the high court of advertising".
  3. The Super Bowl (2009)
    Overcome with rage, hero detective turned war criminal ADRIENNE MONK, placed a war head under the Hoover damn to distract millions of super bowl viewers, ensuring that he alone would consume the precious jingles and high quality imagery of super bowl commercials.