We all remember these classic Monk Moments
  1. Mr. Monk and the Fire Brigade
    Who can forget the time our favorite goofy detective solved the case of the stolen fire engine and then unleashed a tirade of shouts upon a group of local children, harking his coming as the savior, our lord, in human form.
  2. Mr. Monk and the Backwards Wedding
    Thank goodness that the lovable sleuth Adrian Monk was there to prevent his favorite assistant, Natalie, from marrying the notorious faceless killer. But this episode wouldn't be complete without Monks verbal assault of the flower girl, daring her to question his divine power.
  3. Mr. Monk and the Spelling Bee
    " I -A-M A G-O-D"! What a rush to watch Monk uncover a cheater in the midst of such studious children, all the while reminding his mortal counterparts of the eternal flame of power burning deep inside his "husk of a human cage".
  4. Mr. Monk Makes Spaghetti
    In the epic series finale, magic detective Adrian Monk finally explodes from his fleshy prison, scorching the corneas of a troupe of traveling child actors, and searing the image of his divine form from their memories. "His voice burned like a poison," the smallest actor whispered as the screen faded to black. "like poison from the throat of a sobbing man". Roll credits.