They can't be avoided. These are things you always see on Twitter.
  1. Women ranting about men
    Typically on every form of social media.
  2. Men ranting about women
    Usually only seen on Twitter. Although Instagram has some occurrences of this.
  3. Über facts
    No matter how incorrect or idiotic these "facts" are, people will always retweet them.
  4. An advertisement for ABC's new TV show
    Self explanatory
  5. Something involving Taylor Swift
    Love her or hate her you'll end up figuring out about how the media thinks she has fake boobs.
  6. "Giveaways"
    100% Spam, 0% Giveaway
    In caps to express just how "cool" and "funny" this video of black people doing something is gonna be.
  8. People complaining about how they hate school/how tired they are.
    As if we care, these people remind us everyday why we don't care for them