If you love dogs, and want to help dogs (and thus help people), here are six fantastic, thoroughly vetted 501C3 charities run by folks dedicated to helping them, healing them and finding them homes, any or all of which could use your help from A Dollar to A Lot:
  1. From the Heart Rescue
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    This is “my” shelter, specializing in care for injured and ill dogs and cats and based in El Paso, Texas. We’ve gotten dogs wheelchairs and braces, insulin and flights to new homes across the country: http://www.fthar.org
  2. Senior Dog Heaven
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    A home devoted to the dogs we don’t normally pick first for adoption. Seven and older, by now having completely figured out us bipeds - so where do they go? These people dedicate their lives to answering that: http://seniordoghaven.org/
  3. K9s For Warriors
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    This is a remarkably simple way to address PTSD and physical trauma in Veterans AND the need for homes for dogs. The right pairing can help healing begin overnight. It’s literally a life-saving two-fer: www.k9sforwarriors.org
  4. In Memory of Magic
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    "Spay or neuter your pets” - great idea. What if that cost is prohibitive for a pet’s human? These people use donations to help extend this terrific option to all people and their dogs and cats: www.IMOM.org
  5. Illinois Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association
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    A hands-on outfit in the Midwest focused entirely on the older and special needs members from a breed of beautiful dogs who invariably take your breath away: www.IAMRA.org
  6. Grey Muzzle Organization
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    If you’d like to see your money go to an umbrella group working nationally to provide resources to rescues, shelters, and other non-profits to help senior dogs, this is the place: www.greymuzzle.org