Doing is almost as wonderful as planning... Thus: 2016
  1. Get essay and short fiction writings into manuscript shape.
  2. Submit more articles.
  3. Random blogging into planned, bi weekly blogs.
  4. Spend more time with old friends.
  5. Solidify relationships in NYC.
  6. Focus on people who are doing creative / diligent things rather than talking endlessly about others (unless, you know, it's Friday).
  7. Crotchet a picture of my awesome dog and frame it.
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  8. Recover an old piece of upholstered furniture.
  9. Road trip at least halfway across the states (see: spend time with old friends).
  10. Go to Hawaii (see: ditto above).
  11. Refinish a bookcase.
  12. Have a home maintenance routine to cut out stress.
  13. Continue to stretch and exercise daily to stay focused.
  14. Make podcast and blog with @genrebending a reality for the world (you are welcome world).
  15. Make a massive, paper machete window display despite all reason.
  16. Collect all the kitties in Neko Atsumi.
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  17. Grow my garden and plant more vegetables.
  18. Sew an entire outfit again with fabric from Philly.
  19. Get to know Baltimore anew.
  20. Camp more frequently and for longer stays.
  21. Visit DC museums by myself at least seasonally.
  22. Sometimes, just go the fuck to sleep.