Titles for Country Western Albums I Never Got to Make

  1. Me 'n' Connie Sellecca
  2. Chaps (But Not The British Kind)
  3. From Kissin' Her My Lips Are Hurtin'
  4. Some Gave Bubkis
  5. No Thanks, Obama
  6. Purty Fella
  7. Cowpokes & Chamomile
  8. Cactass
  9. Filthy Dirty
  10. Now, Here's the Shitkicker
  11. Not My Horse
  12. O, Brother, Why You Illin'?
  13. Honkytonk Buffet
  14. Still Not My Horse
  15. Whose Bandana Is She Wearin' Now?
  16. The Night Carrie Underwood Went and Twitter Blocked Me
  17. Shitcow!
  18. Nashville Knights
  19. My Boot, The Taliban's Ass
  20. The River Done Dried Up and Left
  21. The Legend of Cargo Pants McGill
  22. Guess That Was My Horse After All
  23. Jesus' Saddle's Got Wings