Even though he has the worst hair style in skateboarding, this young money millionaire took some heavy tricks to the next level. Here is a list of Nyjah's NBDS in contest and video parts inspired by his favorite Pros.
  1. 5- Kickflip back tail to big spin out in a contest run!
    During his Xgames appearance in Austin, Nyjah executed a perfect maneuver worthy of video part Enders. His team mate Mark Appleyard must have been proud.
  2. 4- SW bigspin heel flip down the Hollywood high 16
    Just as he gets to the close ender in his DC shoes fade to black part. Nyjah tips his hat to the plaza legend of Josh Kalis by throwing down this trick " the special" with no run up.
  3. 3- Feeble grind Hollywood high 16 when he was 12 years old
    Nyjah watched the on video magazine article killer kids many times. He still admit that he sucks at bs board slides and prefers to feeble grind. A Tosh Townend move, perhaps?
  4. 2- Kickflip backlip the Wilshire 15 before he turned 15.
    This infamous skateboard mag cover came hot off the press just as Nyjah's relationship crumbled with Element because of bad management. This would be his last cover for almost 2 years as the industry turned their back on his father and on Nyjah by collateral damage. Even Bastian Salabanzi would weep a tear.
  5. 1- Back 270 noseblunt in a contest after he already was in first place.
    The domination of this young man in competitive skateboarding has become cemented through SLS. But at this contest Nyjah did a contest NBD and tipped his hat to Chris Cole for the inspiration. He scored a 9.9 and didn't need the points. " He's my favorite skater of all time"- Nyjah Huston on Chris Cole