Allow me to listroduce myself

  1. My name is Omar Cruz.
  2. I'm a comedian who went to law school.
    I figured since I can't find a job that I'd wear my suits somewhere!
  3. I love to go skateboarding!
    My true love is a 8inch wooden toy and we have a 15yr relationship. Ladies don't get jealous.
  4. I read a lot
    Everybody should. For me anywhere between 30-70 books a year.
  5. I like to write.
    Stories, jokes, monologues, scripts and lists.
  6. My dogs are too cute.
    This is Mio
  7. Don't forget Ari.
    Ari's resting bitch face.
  8. I still play retro video games.
    Have a working play station, play station2, sega dream cast and Nintendo game boy.
  9. I'm a Sex writer.
    I wrote for OMG sex facts for 8 months. This upcoming book has my best work.
  10. I'm a great cook.
    Tamarind chicken with caramelized mushrooms.
  11. I'm ecstatic about!