I'm a Caribbean American Comedian who likes to be called Mexican. Renessainceman! Never label me but #hashtagme @ #modernman
  1. 5- Bill Hicks. He dies young but he was right. It's all a ride.
  2. 4- Richard Pryor- This niggah! I'm not saying he knows discrimination. But I can relate.
  3. 3- Rodney Dangerfield- The king of one liners. Wasn't he Jewish?
    I was never comfortable with a "grammar nazi"?
  4. 2- George Carlin- The most un-showman like comedian to ever walk the stage. What a lack of preparation! What a lack of perspective! What a lack of jokes! But I don't think the reason Anne Frank was killed wasn't because she couldn't properly conjugate in her diary. #modernman
  5. 1- Don Rickles- He's 90 years old. Still alive and making jokes. Bow down to the King!