Every Monday I don't get a case of the Mondays by doing this.
  1. I wash my sheets
    I'm a comedian who likes his bed clean!
  2. I workout
    Ecliptic bike, weight lifts and abs. Just so I can dance to that new Justin Timberlake song.
  3. Write
    Even when I don't li.st I write jokes for my standup, my team of comedians and my novel. Lil da Vinchi and the sword of the Tuscan knight!
  4. Make a List
    My goal is to post 1000 list before end of the year
  5. Read
    I have to finish a book or start a new one every week.
  6. Nap
    Somewhere around 4pm
  7. Kiss my Abu
    Mi abuelo es bello!
  8. Avoid tv like the damn Zika virus
    I don't want a weekend recap, or a Monday morning talk show joke! I only DVR the good stuff and skip the commercials!