He and I don't get to see each other as much but we will now embark on this social journey together. @applejuicesoda
  1. We both love George Carlin and could easily debate his comedy bits for an hour.
    When I started a new high school Antonio practically embraced my comedian obsession.
  2. I'm smart but he's way smarter and I love him for it
    He was the valedictorian of his class and I was an honor student. So we geek out on science, psychology books and the occasional brain neuron transmitter lectures.
  3. We play video games together.
    Any type for hours on end!
  4. We binge watch daily show together.
    Give us a bottle and some beers and let's watch the best fake news show ever! @thedailyshow
  5. He plays rock band while I sing kareoke.
    I do not like the game but when they introduced the singer portion of it I was hooked! James Brown!
  6. He has the best podcast selection!
    I don't follow many podcast. But Antonio has a catalog.
  7. When we are together it's good times.
    We become our own party within minutes of being around each other.