I'm publishing a book on SEX.
  1. Civil forfeiture? How one man's need for prostitution eroded the constitution?
    From the book " The dirty dozen. The 12 cases eroding American freedom". I give a brief legal history of Bennis vs. Michigain, the US Supreme Court case that created the civil forfeiture doctrine allowing government to seize private property on suspicion of an intent to commit a criminal act.
  2. What happens when words have sex? How Miley Cyrus gave birth to a dance craze?
    The etymology origins and study of the twerk dance craze in America! How two dance moves had sex and had this baby?
  3. Why Jim Henson was a pervert? The muppets song you won't believe where he got it from.
    We are all fans of the muppets and especially the legendary quirky song of " manamana". But you'll be surprised to find out that this song was used in a 1968 Italian soft core porn.
  4. How doctors are taking new NOTES?
    known as natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery. How doctors are pulling out appendices through female vaginas?
  5. The origin of FUCK? A controversy for the fucking ages?
    Jesse Sheidlower editor of the Oxford English dictionary wrote a book about the origin of the F word. Learn the crazed etymology origin of the commonly used curse word.