These where the places where I had the most fun working at.
  1. Time out video arcade
    Even though I cleaned bubblegum off carpets and was a neat freak I had the keys to a video arcade for 2 years. I mastered Time crisis 2, crazy taxi and confidential mission.
  2. Biohazard skate shop
    I worked retail. I could setup a brand new skateboard in 8!minutes, watch videos all day and hang out with my friend in the shop.
  3. Represent skate shop and Mondo bizarro comics
    I was inside a skate shop that was inside a comic book store! I was taking about videos games, movies and skateboarding and getting paid to don't with a great crew of people. I was a GOD to everyone under 12 and a complete waste of potential to adults. I had 2 college degrees and a law degree earning minimum wage. But I was happy!
  4. Performing writer/ comedian/ entertainer
    Now I'm #Modernman on stage. I'm pouring my imagination into everything I do. And considering I still have some from high school, college and law school well I'm very smart and very funny.