Just a quick list of why li.st is amazing.
  1. List are fun to make.
    We all make them and media thrives on them. The top 40 or the best 10. So why not share yours?!
  2. Community
    Listers are nice people. They have quirks but so far it's still a great place for silly ideas to go viral. Anyone posting cartoon theme songs or the beat herbs to cook with?
  3. It's microblogging at its best!
    You can throw in gifs, photos and website on your list making. So technically your like blogging but with 500 words.
  4. Suggestions!
    People can make list suggestions to other people. Sometimes you have to know what are BJ Novak's books to read or in my case, what are Tony Hawk's favorite magazine covers?
  5. Simple interface.
    A button and a click. This ain't rocket science to make a list
  6. Comment sections on the list!
    If the list becomes a topic of conversation, even better!
  7. A comedian started this app.
    Comedians are on the forefront of social awkwardness and conflict. Have you ever done stand up? It's like dying and being born again. So what better founder?! Thanks BJ Novak!
  8. I use it to find out what things I need to enrich my life with
    Candles, herbs, books and movies. This is a place to not sell an image of your cool self but to enrich yourself
  9. It will eclipse Instagram
    Li.st user interface is better. Been on it 2 days and I'm 17 list in. It feels streamed and allows photo sharing, microblogging and gifs.
  10. If you didn't like making list, after this app your addicted
    I've been making list for years and finally I'm home! But maybe you never done it? So try it and find that you probably have more list in your head than you know.