The best George Carlin bits

The following is a candid list of my favorite George Carlin comedy bits.
  1. My Stuff their Crap!
    His 1980 appearance on comic relief to help raise funds for the homeless. He made you aware of materialism. It's my stuff! And there crap!
  2. Football vs baseball
    In football you have a coach! In baseball it's a manager. In football they play on the grid iron! In baseball they play on the field and the purpose of the game is to go home.
  3. Moderman
    The in depth poem on the excess of American moral hazard and avarice. Man's disconnect from nature and community exalted in what can only be a declared as a wordgasmic poem!
  4. The 7 words you can't say on tv!
    Shit, piss, fuck ,cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits! For his true fans...fart, turd and twat!
  5. Everything is this book!