This pro skater that made me feel angry.
  1. 5- He's Mikemo's bitch
    Ever been reminded about how cool he is because of his sponsor or friends? Asshole
  2. 4- He's Nyjah's "best friend"
    Ever been reminded how hard he tries to keep Nyjah away from people and other friends. He can be so rude!
  3. 3- He thought I was gay and made a move on me to find out.
    At 2011 SLS supercrown in NYC, David assumed I was gay and then straight grabbed at my crotch to test his theory. He knew me for like 1 hour.
  4. 2- Him and Ethan fight everyWHERE!
    They can get into a brotherly brawl in a museum for the holocaust and not care!
  5. 1- He said I wasn't a real American.
    I explained where Puerto Rico was and how I was an American citizen. He laughed in my face an said " no I mean American"