Hello I'm KO. Also goes by Kate.
  1. I run - far, fast, frequent
    Life-defining stuff. Give me all the miles please.
  2. I live in LA
    I'm a total snob about where I live. I want to walk everywhere, have good running routes, and be on the 3rd floor of the apartment building. Every apartment/dorm I have ever lived in has been 3rd floor.
  3. I work in digital marketing strategy
    So I research and think and write for a living. It's the best career ever.
  4. I read non-fiction books
    I'm a total snob about this too, don't throw your trashy romance novels at me, Mom. I'm currently reading Chasing Che.
  5. I've had too many concussions to count
    This is very much not recommended. Repeat DO NOT play dodgeball. Or go to weddings where Pats fans punch Jets fans in the head.
  6. I have a deep love of meringues
    My mother's fault, the peppermint ones she made at Christmas were addicting. Also I'm still pissed that Trader Joe's got rid of theirs during that egg shortage last year.
  7. Current travel obsession: Central America
    Panama last year (Bocas del Toro, amazing) and Nicaragua in a month (recommendations appreciated!) Also Mexico last/this but that's cause it's close. I travel alone 50% of the time because people get in the way of experiences sometimes.
  8. In an Arts & Crafts mood lately
    DIY'd a book shelf or two, have a new learn to cartoon book to work on! Related, I've been on an HGTV bender.