A selection.
  1. The Rum Diary
    HST! Feels like you're drunk with him.
  2. In Praise of Slowness
    Carl Honore. Because sometimes you need help slowing down.
  3. Pure Drivel
    Steve Martin. I've read it sober, boozy, to myself and out loud. It is amazing.
  4. The Tipping Point
    Malcolm Gladwell. Worth a revisit after seeing things change.
  5. Kiss Me Like a Stranger
    Gene Wilder. Selective memories of his life, i don't know why I am so enraptured by his story but I am.
  6. Culture Jam
    Kalle Lasn. The single book that made me fall in love with media/strategy. The first time I read it was sophomore year of college while on break. In the bathtub.
  7. Who Moved My Cheese.
    Spencer Johnson. Because get your head out of your ass in 1 hour.
  8. Propaganda
    Edward Bernays. Yeah.
  9. The Communist Manifesto
    Karl Marx. Don't ask.
  10. The Zen of Zombie
    Scott Kenemore. Because I want to survive.
  11. Tuesday's With Morrie
    Mitch Albom. Because it's so eloquent.