1. Tore a muscle in right thumb
  2. I kept seeing the same people
    Across apps. It was exhausting
  3. Too many messages it was hard to keep track of
  4. I decided online dating is blind dates and holy shit that's terrifying
  5. That hot guy from the 2nd floor at work said hi to me
  6. People from the westside (LA) kept sneaking into my pics and I won't date anyone west of the 405
  7. Someone told me it was a hookup app and it freaked me out to be associated with that
  8. I was boozy tindering with a guy and it made me feel complete
  9. Too many messages at 1am and I sleep at 11pm, it would never work
  10. That hot guy messaged me "hi" and I said "hey" and he said "wyd" but I was asleep and then I messaged the next morning "sleeping I guess" and he never responded
    (See 3 messages up)
  11. I realized forever alone anyway and I like myself so fuck it
    I get to do whatever I want