What was I doing instead
  1. Traveling
    To Nicaragua, which is beautiful. Little Corn Island, Big Corn Island, Playa Hermosa, San Juan del Sur, Ometepe, Granada
  2. Eating candy
    Being out of running season because of the summer heat meant I ran just as much but not as hard and I ate lots of candy
  3. Undate dating
    I tried and then I said nah to a dude who threw me backhanded compliments. I fell in love with an Aussie in 2 days in Nicaragua and then left him. I kinda had a couple weeks falling for a guy then I unknowingly went on dates with another guy who knew the first guy and then I realized neither were right.
  4. Decorating my new apartment
    Also I moved. But I just got things kinda in order last week!
  5. Listening to classic rock
    I'm on a roll right now...
  6. Deciding I should stop eating so much candy
  7. Rock climbing
    Bouldering indoors. Getting strength back after time off. Almost back to 6s, yay!