1. When the people who host a Little Free Library box saw me putting a book in it and then got bubbly about it and thanked me and I then thanked them for being so awesome and having the box. I love those things
  2. When I was driving my nephew to the playground and then he said, "Shhhhhhhhh" and went to sleep before we got there. My sister mentioned after that she told him "Shhhhhhhh, mommy is going to take a nap" earlier. He's a sponge!
  3. When my sister and I laughed about the side effects of this med I'm on and she was like, "Dude, if it changes your mood that much I just assume you'll go for a really long run and end up on the east coast" and then I was like, dude that's a great idea and would be a good twist on a sucky side effect.