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Pacific Grove is my wonderland. I'm left wondering why I'm not there full-time.
  1. Best small town
    People are friendly. Imagine that.
  2. Artist retreat
    Many artists come here to clear their mind and to capture the beauty of this area. Great place for photographers.
  3. Close enough to Silicon Valley
    In case you want some tech excitement.
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Things I dislike at a concert.
  1. Talking during the concert
    Stay home or go somewhere else if you want to talk.
  2. Yelling out anything during a song
    Rude. Wait until the song is over.
  3. Tall people that block my view.
    I live with a tall person. Not their fault. There needs to be a short people section up front.
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  1. Seeing your parents health decline
  2. Your own mortality
  3. Thinking about the loss of a family member
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