Woke up at 6:30. Usually leave home by 6:15. 6:38 is literally the last minute I can leave home. SHIIIIIT!!!!
  1. Clothes on, any clothes. Same pants as yesterday, check!
    1 minute
  2. Shoes on, take dog out to poop. GO DOG! GO DOG! GO POTTY!!!
    5 minutes
  3. Brush teeth, quickly.
    1 minute
  4. Grab breakfast and lunch from crap you have at home. No eggs for breakfast today! Apple, banana, Exo cricket protein bar, greens and an avocado in a tupperware for lunch. Baby carrots. Ahhh go go go!
    1 minute
  5. Grab jacket cus it's 8 degrees outside!
  6. Out the door!
  7. Car on!
  8. GOOOO!!!