Okay it's mostly just about books.
  1. All the books on my #goodreads to-read shelf.
  2. Probably most of the classics.
    I'll find the time or feel the need to read them eventually, right?
  3. Amazing book shelves and someone to install/build/hang them... Like this one...
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    But I get to put the books on. Order matters people.
  4. A huge room, I guess inside my new mansion, for my library.
  5. Lots of bookmarks.
  6. A few guards for my new incredible library. They'll work in shifts, obviously.
    But no smoke breaks! 🚭 Fire+Books=Sadness. 🔥➕📚=😲
  7. Something entertaining for the guards to do while they guard my precious stacks of trees.
    Music I guess, or a tv, people love watching tvs.