Inspired by @mbmurray23 No way I could rank these.
  1. Breaking Bad
    Edge of my seat, dying for the next episode each time. The twists and the, uh, I gotta watch this whole series again, soon!
  2. Chapelle's Show
    "I sprinkle diamonds on everything I eat. For two reasons. Cus it's the most ballinest shit you can do, and cus it makes my dookie twinkle!"
  3. Shark Tank
    The American Dream, alive and well. Entrepreneur-ing and investing their asses off!
  4. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    Will Smith. Doing his thing. Cracking jokes.
  5. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
    The travel, the dead animals, the food that Americans don't even recognize as food. Love this show!
  6. King of Queens
    Kevin James. At his best.
  7. Burn Notice
    Spies. Blowing shit up. Fiona being sexy and badass all the time.
  8. Las Vegas
    The casino life. Love the cast. They all fit so well together.
  9. Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives
    Triple D! Hahaha. Okay I just love food. PS: why do I always end up at shitty little restaurants with disgusting stale cold worthless food?