Date night with my wife.
  1. Walked through the snow, not too much of it, down to a couple fine establishments in the town we live in.
  2. Medusa Brewing Company for beers and darts!
  3. Beers!
  4. Beers!
  5. Darts!
  6. Darts! Somehow my wife managed to pull off this Robin Hood move!! Without even trying! (like someone could try to do that!)
  7. Medusa was fun!!
  8. The Rail Trail Flatbread
  9. Beer, wine, and smiling wife!
  10. Steak fries, gravy, turkey, and Gouda poutine!!
  11. Terrible picture of the goat cheese stuffed mushroom and sausage pizza!
  12. Fried pickles, not pictured here. Pretty amazing.
  13. Stopped at New City Microcreamery for dessert!!
    Best ice cream around!! Amazing and ridiculous flavors. Our recent favorite is Mounds!!
  14. Snow walk home! More snow than before. Beautiful night!!