1. Bacon. Obviously!
  2. Candles. All over the house. It's like I live in Yankee Candle™ sometimes, just walking around sniffing candles.
    Currently on display in the house: Pantry Spice, Snowflake Cookie, Fruit Smoothie, Cinnamon Roll, Cashmere Mittens, and Wedding Day. Most actually are Yankee Candle™.
  3. My dog. I sniff him. He's not a puppy, and I certainly don't bathe him enough, but he still smells so good.
  4. Baking any desserts. Cookies obviously, brownies, magic bars, or cupcakes.
  5. Anything in the crockpot when I get home. It always smells great and it always tastes incredible!
  6. Garlic!