Random stuff I'm trying to improve upon
  1. Throwing things away
    Clothes I don't wear often, books I will never read, things I used to collect but realize there's no point in saving old greeting cards for example.
  2. Creating
    Writing, sharing, loving, laughing, creating amazing relationships, having experiences, trying new things, starting good daily habits
  3. Time management
    Less TV, more time working toward goals, more time talking to loved ones, less time sitting, more time moving...
  4. Listening
    Always practice listening, everyone can improve in this area.
  5. Figuring out who I am
    You'd think by 27 I might have some idea, and I do... but it's fuzzy and ever changing. Values intact though, and I guess that's really what's most important.
  6. Any ideas you have that you're currently working on in your life?