Before I deleted them recently due to limited space on my phone...
  1. Favorites
    Obviously all of the best songs. Actually if I like a song I'll chuck it here so I remember to listen to it again.
  2. Party Bus
    Basically DJed(spontaneously took over) a New Year's Eve party bus night out a couple years ago. Thank you Spotify. LOUD catchy tunes. Killed it in my first ever and probably last DJ gig!
  3. Study
    Shit with no words. My favorite is Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for Inception. Incredible. I get lost in that music and just crank out work at hyper-speed.
  4. FiKus
    This is a band a friend of mine is in. I'd suggest listening to the songs Cool Refrigerator and Michael Phelps.
  5. Power Workout
    Some hard hitting stuff to workout to, including J. Cole, Kid Cudi, and Big Sean.
  6. Norah Jones radio
    Yeah, she's just fucking awesome.
  7. Good stuff
    Feel good music. I think there's some @john on this list.
  8. There's some country ones too