1. I'm in my mid 30's.
  2. I spent ALL of my 20's having babies.
    5 of them.
  3. We are adopting my two tiny nephews who are 2 and 1.
    That brings the tally to 7.
  4. Only 1 of the 7 is a girl.
  5. I sing. All the time. And always have.
    Cannot clean or cook without my ear buds in and tunes going. It's only partially to drown out the chaos going on from the 7 kids.
  6. Oh - in addition to all that I also have a full time job.
    For CoSchedule. Or as I like to call it, the blogger's best friend. I work remote, and it's the best job EVER.
  7. I'm also a food blogger.
    If you hate food or food photos you probably want to stay far far away from my social media presence. Fair warning.
  8. I'm in a band too.
    A fun little bluegrass band. We play local shows and nursing homes. I LOVE it.
  9. I grew up in MinneSOtah. Not Canada.
    I know it's hard to tell, don't cha know.
  10. But my heart and home now live in the Pacific Northwest.
    No more real winters for me, ever- I hope.
  11. My guilty pleasure is traveling. Alone.
    I kind of love it. So so much. Wonder why that is? (Thanks 7 kids!)