A dream lover, thinker, a beauty. Love to love her. These are 7 great things. It's easy to list more than 7, but I feel 7 is an appropriate number for @Birdie
  1. She thinks I'm A-OK
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    When your humour consists of mostly physical gags and double talk, it's hard to imagine why anyone in their right mind would care to share your company. Also, I'm a clumsy left-handed individual and she puts up with it. The real MVP.
  2. Dedicated (fandom)
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    Accompanied me in a 20 hour, 7 film Star Wars marathon; without me having to beg! And if I may keep it 💯, whatever wifey material is, she's definitely 99% made of that shit. 1% hot gas.
  3. Jokes
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    They say "puns are the lowest form of humour". If that is so, we must be the soap scum of the earth. I'm fine with that.
  4. The "tell me" (dope wrapper)
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    Very persistent in finding out information. VERY. PERSISTENT. This is why it's hard to give her a secret gift and also very easy to find out what YOUR secret gift is. I think it's very cute.
  5. "Snacking together is staying together" - Sister Anita Salad
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    We're a snacking family. This is important. Especially whilst binge watching shows from the 1990's.
  6. Impeccable taste & knowledge in music & film. (& snacks)
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    Abraham Lincoln once said that "If you're a racist, I will attack you with the North," and these are the principles she carries with her daily. Also, who shares a birthday with a Beatle and loves to mention it whenever she can?? This girl. Who is willing to drop all their money on a once in a lifetime concert? This gal. The Hollywood bowl would be our home if we could fight off the raccoons at night. And who knows the 70's were the best era for film? This Birdie. Important qualities there.
  7. Adorable quirks and idiosyncrasies
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    Whether it be seeing a hamburger incomplete unless it has fries between the buns, being unable to resist cute socks, her obsession with miniatures, not being able to say no to an opportunity to engage with a dog (even if it's wearing shoes like a person), or talking smack about babies, I can't help but find it attractively charming. I could talk smack about babies with you all day. Behind their back of course. Love you.